Video I made for my friends in cardiff (snowy day)


hahaha look at this little guy so cute!

Newly batch of kittens

soon to give birth

annoyed mom- ( my brother's caption from facebook)

the 3kittens
this is the combination of my Snoodle and Omani..
wait im not sure if Snoodle is the dad now but..
yeah for all i know it is.. Snoodle is a long haired cat of mine
and Omani is a cat given to us from our kaka ( close family friend )
and guess what.. shes actually from Oman, landed to her from this
woman from Oman embassy in Brunei :D
aiya.. too bad im not in Brunei..and by the time balik pun
basar tia sudah -_____-'

Happy Birthday ARIF!

happy birthday to my homeboy housemate Arif
so many suprises during his birthday i think..
4times kali!
and were sorry lambat bagi hadiah ;)

My little cousin and her cikgu ngaji

so nakal the kidd !!

Weekend Assignment work station

I spent my weekend doing work and I kinda..when i get sanak and bored doing it thats where my Lalai comes haha. I tend to go downstairs join my mates liat tv.. Usai Bilik.. Limpang2.. baca magazine.. haha banyak lah.. so what i did.. i made this reminder to do work just infront of my face and i bluetacked my iphone on my macbook like an extension screen hahaha watching Avatar the last airbender hehe. OWH BIG FISH MADE BROWNIES and it was super delicious he mixed it with galaxy chocolate minstrels nyamannnn//

and and i heard my cat OMANI Gave birth to 3 cute white little kittens!!
and i cant wait for my other cat Gracias to beranak too ;D

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Macbook Lego Keypad ?

its interesting right :)
not for everyone but lawa rightt..
just wana share this with you guys..
owh its not really a keypad and it dosent really have that popping out lego thingy
its a sticker :) running out of words..

haha enjoy!

Jams Mini Birthday Party

The Birthday Girl

All the guys who attended the party

food was amazing

sweet & sour Talor, Nasi, Laksa and BBQ chicken.

Morning at 10 I had Training over at the UFC and right after
I finished which was around... 11ish I went straight to Llatarnam.
I was abit early tho, Jam and her housemates was still decorating
and preparing food. I Showered and Solat therelah..

It started at late 12 waiting for everyone to come and Alhamdulillah everything went well. I felt bad I didnt bring any gifts, It was so sweet that she have this after party thank you bags ( I just made that up i dont really know what you call em ). Basically there was smarties, Mars, a ballon, caprison and sweets lah inside.. so sweet of jam to do that.THANKS JAM!

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